Marathon Training on the Dreaded Treadmill

Jennifer Heiner has served as the retail director of a running company in New Jersey since 2019. Active within the New York City running community, Jennifer Heiner has helped organize a number of training runs for the New York City Marathon, including the 20-mile Three Bridges Run, where she was also a pace group leader.

Training for a 26.2-mile marathon requires organization, persistence, and discipline. The first training element is base mileage, which requires running three to five times per week and gradually increasing weekly mileage. Over the course of 10 to 20 weeks of training, runners should plan to build their mileage up to around 50 miles per week. Avoid increasing mileage by more than 10 percent per week. Every 7 to 10 days, runners should plan on a long run to help the body adjust to long distances. This distance should increase over time, then drop back down in order to let the body recover.

These long runs should be taken at a slower pace in order to help the body adjust and learn to utilize fat for fuel. A peak run, such as the 20-mile Three Bridges Run, ensures the runner is prepared for marathon day. A marathon training schedule should also include rest days, which are essential for muscle recovery and injury prevention.

Training for a marathon can be hard during the winter months, as cold temperatures and treacherous (sometimes dangerous) conditions can render running outside all but impossible. The treadmill, a device that many runners have a love / hate relationship with, becomes a necessary evil. Some bloggers have written lengthy posts about training on a treadmill, and one has even described in detail the treadmill settings necessary for mimicking the hills of the Boston Marathon, which is historically run in April.

Another WordPress blogger has it all detailed here, check it out, and happy running!

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